Adventure in a New World

In an age of exploration a new continent is discovered and quickly carved up by the Old Kingdoms. Fifty years have passed since the first colonizers landed in Myr. Now the six colonies are mired in a struggle to survive as Myr proves itself to be a land of danger and opportunity. The vast continent remains largely unexplored and has already proven to be rich in resources. But a foreboding presence can be felt throughout the land, in the mysterious ruins spread across the countryside and the strange creatures that stalk its forests, fields and mountains.

A Land Waiting to be Molded

Will players decide to pledge allegiance to a specific colony and help it expand deeper into the interior? Will their actions lead the colonies deeper into conflict or help them negotiate peace? Perhaps they will attempt to establish their own claim to the land, striking out to start their own settlements? Or are they driven by a desire to uncover the mystery surrounding the continents many strange anomalies?

The Six Colonies of Myr